Anyi Lu Footwear enlisted Big Picture PR to create a brand image that communicated the chic, feminine feel of its highly stylized shoe line. To date, Anyi Lu had not been known for its fashionable offerings, but rather as strictly a comfort shoe option. Big Picture PR recommended a shift in perception with a new photo shoot and editorial campaign that captured the true beauty and romanticism of the Anyi Lu line.

Big Picture PR pulled together a talented team to create a high-end look book that would elevate the Anyi Lu brand and properly communicate its distinctive place in the footwear market. Thanks to a branding campaign that redefined Anyi Lu’s image, and a media relations campaign that solidified that image with influential editors and producers across the board, Anyi Lu emerged on the footwear scene as a truly fashionable contender. The Anyi Lu brand continues to benefit from the relationships established by Big Picture PR to this day.